3 ply surgical face mask with CE/FDA disposable three-layer protection, non-woven melt blown cloth breathable

Short Description:

1. 3-layer protection, non-woven material

2. prevent the spread of dandruff and respiratory tract microorganisms to open surgical wounds, and to prevent the spread of surgical patients’ body fluids to medical staff

3. Built-in nose bridge strip, press molding to reduce leakage rate

4. High-elastic, easy on/off ear loop mask and pressure-free for both ears

5. Face shield design, Easy to carry and store

6. Comfortable and breathable earband mask

7. Disposable

8. Meet the standard EN146

9.With CE approved, FDA approved mask

Product Detail

Product Tags

Product Material: non-woven fabric, meltblown fabric, ear loops, nose bridge clip

Filtration efficiency: It can block blood and body fluid from passing through the mask to pollute the wearer.and it has a filtration efficiency of more than 95% for bacteria, but it has a limited filtration efficiency for particles,

Applications of mask:

General outpatient, ward staff, medical staff, etc. Engaged in personnel related to the epidemic, such as police, security, express delivery, etc.
Mounth mask

1.Check that the packaging is intact
2.Check the external packaging mark
3.Check the production and expiration dates
4.Be sure to use the product within the sterilization period

Fitting Instructions:

1. Open the mask and pull the inner side to cover the nose and chin.

2. The drawstring is hung on the ear

3. Fully check for air leaks, arrange the mask and stick it on the face

4. Gently press the nose strip with your hands to make the shape of the nose strip and the nose match to ensure the tightness of the nose
Face mask


Just slip the elastic bands over your ears and conform metal nose guard to create a light seal around your face.

Package include: 50 Pcs Masks


1.This product is a disposable product, please do not reuse it after washing. If it is dirty or damaged, please replace it in time.

2.If the packaging is damaged, please do not continue to use it.

3. This mask is not intended for medical use.

Storage Conditions: Keep in 0-30°, Its should be stored in a well-ventilated, dark and dry environment and away from fire sources and pollutants

Validity: one year after production

Origin: Made in China

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