Disposable face mask 3 layer filter with elastic earloop, gray breathable safety protective mask.

Short Description:

Mask features:1. 3ply Protection Mask, Breathable and Comfortable Disposable

2. Filtering dust and pollutants in the air, high quality dust mask

3. Built-in nose bridge strip, press molding to reduce leakage rate

4. High-elastic, easy on/off ear loop mask and pressure-free for both ears

5. Face shield design, Easy to carry and store

6. Comfortable and breathable earband mask

7. Gray Disposable Mask

8. Meet the standard EN149 and FDA mask

9.With CE approved, FDA approved mask

Product Detail

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Product Material: Made of new PP non-woven fabric + melt spray nonwoven fabric. Frist layer of activated melt spray nonwoven fabric filters micron- level dust. Second layer offers filter density for smaller material. Third layer of spunbond nonwoven fabric filters out all kinds of harmful substance.

Filtration efficiency: Filters out more than 95% of air particles, keeping you away from pollutants and allergens, and is also perfect for pet allergens. Protective masks help prevent coughing and sneezing water from entering the nose and mouth. Three protective layers help you purify each breath and keep it sterile.


Applications of mask:
A disposable protective mask under occasions -family activities, scattered residents, Outdoor activities, Workers and students in well ventilated places


  1. Check that the packaging is intact
  2. Check the external packaging mark
  3. Check the production and expiration dates
  4. Be sure to use the product within the sterilization period

Fitting Instructions:
1. Open the mask and pull the inner side to cover the nose and chin.
2. The drawstring is hung on the ear
3. Fully check for air leaks, arrange the mask and stick it on the face
4. Gently press the nose strip with your hands to make the shape of the nose strip and the nose match to ensure the tightness of the nose


DO NOT use the mask for child

DO NOT use the mask in medical and surgical environments

DO NOT use in an environment with oxygen concentration below 19.5%

DO NOT use  the mask in toxic gas environment


Storage Conditions: Keep in 0-30°, Its should be stored in a well-ventilated, dark and dry environment and away from fire sources and pollutants


Validity: one year after production

Origin: Made in China

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