During the epidemic, in order to protect our health, we must wear masks when going out. So, how should we choose masks to prevent viruses?

The cotton mask relies on a layer of cotton cloth to achieve the function of blocking and filtering. It can only block the particles of the size of the hair with warming , but it cannot block the fine particles and viruses.

Disposable masks are mainly made of non-woven fabrics, which are only used in ordinary medical environments. The filtering effect is slightly stronger than that of cotton cloth. It can prevent dust, pollen, large particles and other flying flocs, etc.

Medical surgical masks can block the spread of droplets with the effects of blocking water, moisture absorption, and filtering. The blocking effect is better than the degree of protection of disposable masks.

Professional protective masks can filter tiny particles, the filtering effect is good with good facial fit effect,such as the N95 mask.Now, it is the most effective virus protection tool currently .

At present, in the face of virus transmission, we should choose a mask correctly to protect it  better.We must wear a mask when going out.

In unnecessary cases, we have to go out less,which not only protects our health,but also reduces the number of visiting relatives and friends.

Proper use of masks and reduction of going out will make our society more harmonious.

Post time: Oct-29-2020