The filter material of the FFP2 mask mainly has four layers.There are two layers of non-woven fabric,a layer of sprayed fabric and a layer of needle-punched cotton.The minimum filtering effect of FFP1 is more than 80%.The minimum filtering effect of FFP2 is more than 94%.The minimum filtering effect of FFP3 is more than 97%.

The breathing test standard for FFP2 protective masks is very strict. The inspiratory resistance test uses a detection flow rate of 95 L/min, and the expiratory resistance test uses a detection flow rate of 160 L/min. The strict filtering efficiency and breathing resistance test standards make FFP2 protective masks have high requirements for filter materials.

FFP2 protective masks are made of high-end materials, which are not only comfortable but also have good adhesion. It can protect the health of personnel by filtering and blocking the penetration of harmful substances such as dust particles, bacteria, viruses and oily particles in the air.

The material is a flexible and elastic microporous material, which has the characteristics of breathability and impermeability. At the same time, it also has a breathing function to ensure the comfort of wearing.

This material is a high-performance material with high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high toughness and strength.

So,the FFP2 masks can absorb harmful aerosols, including dust, smoke, mist, toxic gas and toxic vapor, etc. through the filter material, blocking it from being inhaled by people.

Post time: Oct-29-2020